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SGS Roos+Bijl provide consulting and engineering services for projects in electrical engineering, telecommunications, water, gas, heat, road and rail infrastructure technology.

SGS Roos+Bijl is a consultancy and engineering bureau specialising in underground infrastructure. We design cable and pipeline routes for a wide range of clients. As well as technical designs for distribution and transport cables and pipelines, we also take care of other activities. Feasibility study, route exploration, route investigation, writing specifications, permits/licences, building rights, cable and pipeline registration (establishing ownership), network administration, dealing with KLIC (cable and pipeline database) applications, WION (the Underground Grids (Information Exchange) Act) advice, recovery of excavation damage, financial and judicial matters, magnetic field zone calculations, influence calculations, cathodic protection, project management, management and supervision.

Our clients are very varied. We take care of many projects for network managers, gas transport companies, gas producers, energy companies, water supply companies, government, semi-government, public transport, property developers and contractors.

For a number of our clients, the work we do is not their core business; in these cases, we arrange everything for the client from A to Z. There are also clients for whom our work is the core business. In this case we supply additional knowledge and capacity.

For more information about our activities, see work fields or our brochure.


SGS Roos+Bijl is certified for ISO9001, ISO14001 and SCC